Published? First Two episodes now available

We are now just waiting for approval from multiple sites as to being accepted with our new podcast! (YES 🙂 ) in the meantime, you are welcome to listen to episode two from the link below. (First episode available in our first post! Super short.)

This week’s episode is about Relationships, because we ALL have them. Romantic relationships can be wonderfully…educational. As we move through the fogginess of our paths and find the light, it’s important that we get a heartbreak or two. Now, not everyone needs one. But certainly, most of us can benefit from it.

I, myself, have gone through a few. Of course, we are just works in progress and so it’s all about putting ourselves back together after a sort of loss…which we constantly are going through. This makes sense when you think of it this way..

you cannot be what you were yesterday nor can you be what you will be tomorrow today. Right now, you can only be, what you are.

Woah…that was deep. Directly inspired by typing this post. Hope that people enjoy the episode. My sister bears a lot of herself open and comes clean about warning signs that she ignored.

Let us know what you think!

Ep. 1 Keyla’s Breakup and How She is Doing to Get Over It (3mo).



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